What does the crystal trophy mean?

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Referring to the crystal trophy gift, you probably think of the meaning of elegance when placed in the workplace. However, this product does not mean just that.

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In high-end gift products, products made from crystal materials are considered as one of the high-value gifts such as crystal trophies. If you look closely at the meaning of this gift, you will find that it is not only valuable in terms of decoration. Let’s find out the value that this product brings offline!

Feng shui meaning of crystal trophy

Crystal for the concept of feng shui means luck and beauty to help its owner have a bright destiny, increased happiness and happiness.

With purple crystals, the color of the mysterious beauty is suitable for the Fire par. Purple has the effect of balancing the impulsive emotions of the fire par. The yellow crystal cup is suitable for the destiny of Thuy when it brings the brilliance to the business process of this destiny. Pink crystal cup brings the sweet, romantic love of couples, suitable in preserving long-term husband and wife relationship. The fire par is also suitable for pink crystals.

The black and white crystal cup are the two most common colors in the designs of this product because they have great significance, suitable for many people. while the black crystal shows its strength, the crystal cup in the pure white color softens the stress and fatigue of the owner.

The meaning of crystal trophy in life

Besides the meaning of feng shui with a variety of colors, the crystal trophy also makes sense as a gift from couples in love. When you give this gift to the other person, you have shown your sincere and eternal love, cherishing the relationship like never before.

In business, especially for large businesses, crystal trophies as gifts represent the wishes of the business to partners, and the long-term cooperation and mutual development of the two sides. However, when buying this product as a gift on such an important occasion, you need to learn carefully during the purchase process to avoid buying poor quality products.

With the different meanings of crystal trophies, this is a perfect gift if you intend to give gifts to friends, partners or simply used as decorations. Please visit the website http://phalebinhminh.com/ to refer to our products in the most detailed way. Lọ hoa pha lê


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